Nancy Kennedy takes inspiration for her handwoven rugs from a number of sources. Her designs incorporate styles inspired by the American West and Southwest; some, like the QR Code design, have a decidedly modern tone.


Operating out of Eureka, California, Nancy Kennedy began weaving in 1990. In 1999 she began showing her work in fine crafts shows and gallery exhibitions, winning multiple Best in Show awards around the country.

She starts each work by drafting her design on graph paper. She has created her own style of weaving, synthesizing techniques from a British rug weaver, Jason Collingwood, with traditional Navajo techniques and some more modern Californian techniques. The weave pattern she utilizes produces a reversible rug with a light and dark side.


Her loom was custom built by John Bettencourt.  The size allows her to create a rug up to five feet wide- the length can be as long as she wants. As a one person operation, she makes her rugs alone from start to finish.



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