German designer Meike Harde has created a pair of patterned mirrors for Pulpo with protruding frames that can be used to hang coats or jewellery.

Launched last week at furniture fair IMM Cologne, the Miro mirrors come in two flat-packed designs – a large free-standing model and a smaller version that can be mounted to the wall in various combinations.

IMM: Miro by Mieke Harder for Pulpo

Although they appear flat from some angles, both mirrors sit within three-dimensional rectangular frames that can double as coat racks or hangers.

The mirrors also feature a marbled surface created without copper or lead. Harde came across the process during project research and designed Miro to put the focus on this interesting pattern.

IMM: Miro by Mieke Harder for Pulpo

Near-invisible fixtures create the appearance that the mirrors are balancing within their minimal frames.

"I was thinking about suitable shapes which would show this very decorative, very organic pattern," Harde told Dezeen. "It's the reason I decided to work with a minimal frame."

IMM: Miro by Mieke Harder for Pulpo

"It's just a steel frame, and you can assemble it yourself," Harde continued. "It's flat-packed — this is also a key idea of the project, that you can shape it easily."

IMM: Miro by Mieke Harder for Pulpo

The larger design comprises a rectangular mirror set askew within a frame that Harde describes as "creating a room within a room".

During the design process, she realised that this space had the ability to function as a wardrobe, "because you dress yourself in front of the mirror", introducing a customisable dimension to the design.

IMM: Miro by Mieke Harder for Pulpo

The second design sits within a wall-mounted steel frame. It can be displayed at any angle that the user chooses when assembling the product.

Despite its smaller framework, the wall mirror can also be used as a hanger, this time to store smaller possessions, such as jewellery.

IMM: Miro by Mieke Harder for Pulpo

Harde set up her own design studio in 2013. Among her previous designs are glass platters that contain pressed plants and a range of benches made of foam mats fixed to wooden frames with elastic bands.

The Miro mirrors were on display at IMM Cologne, which took place from 16 to 22 January 2017. Other products that launched at this year's event include a hybrid bed-desk frame by Pieter Peulen and a copper clock by Patrick Palcic that uses perfume to tell time.

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