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Hong Kong students create terracotta tower to promote use of 3D-printed bricks

This captioned movie shows how a team from the University of Hong Kong’s architecture faculty created a pavilion from 3D-printed bricks, to show the potential of this technology in architectural production. More one-minute movies ›
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Fernando Abellanas suspends micro studio beneath a bridge in Valencia

Our latest Dezeen x MINI Living movie features a secluded studio Valencian designer Fernando Abellanas created for himself, which hangs from the underside of a concrete bridge in his hometown.
Find out more about the micro studio ›
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Augmented-reality app Mirage lets you overlay emojis onto real life

This captioned movie shows the possibilities of Mirage, an augmented-reality app by two former Apple developers that lets users add emojis, drawings, gifs and images to their real-life surroundings. More one-minute movies ›
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TeamLab illuminates Japanese forest with digital projections

This captioned movie shows how Japanese art collective TeamLab filled a park in Japan’s Saga Prefecture with light-based installations, including a digital waterfall and a school of virtual koi carp swimming in a pond. More one-minute movies ›

RCA graduate proposes low-cost cantilevered homes to combat housing crisis

This captioned movie explores a proposal by RCA graduate Llywelyn James to tackle London’s housing crisis by building 100-metre-long cantilevered structures on the city’s undeveloped brownfield sites. Watch more one-minute movies › 
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